Treinamento intercultural

Cultural Concepts:

What is Culture? Overview of the six levels of culture and how they influence the social and work environment.

The Individual Perspective

Key issues related to daily life in the new country/city will be reviewed including day to day management of individual & family considerations: such as the educational system, banking, diet (food), health care, leisure time and basic dos & don’ts.

International Adjustment&Effectiveness

Cultural Adjustment Process: Euphoria, Irritability, Adjustment and Adaptation, Re-entry.

Adjustment Process Strategies.


The Cultural Orientations Indicator® is a personal assessment profile that demonstrates potential cultural difference and recommends behavioral changes to facilitate adjustment to the new country. Cultural Gap analysis Report. Identify gaps between assignees COI results and the target culture. Potential challenges and possible resolutions are discussed. Style Shifting

National Culture

An overview of the country’s history, politics, current events, economics, government, education, religion, values, beliefs and behaviors. Basic social protocol and etiquette is reviewed.


The Cultural Orientations Model is a useful framework for building cultural awareness. Results of the participant COI are incorporated in discussions around the 10 cultural dimensions: Environment, Time, Action, Communication, Space, Power, Individualism, Competitiveness, Structure, and Thinking.

Corporate culture

Compare and contrast critical management differences between national cultures and identify key differences in processes and practices.

Cultural management functions:

knowledge management & human capital

manager / subordinate relationships

information control and exchange

meetings and agendas

reports and presentations

managing and motivating

marketing and sales

business planning, finance and accounting

National and Corporate Culture

Reinforce corporate cultural learning as it applies to the National culture through case studies and interactive exercises.

Overall International Assignment Strategy

Road mapping of successful strategies considering the assignee’s COI results and the acquired cultural awareness and knowledge necessary for building effective skills and behavioral adaptations for multicultural management and business skills.

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