Challenges and Realities of Repatriation

Participants will discuss how to prepare for re-entry, the transition to “home”, social and business issues surrounding repatriation, and the role that culture plays within the readjustment process.

Reintegration into the local community

Current information on daily living issues in the home culture as well as discussing current events back home. A local area resource or the trainer shares updated information about changes in the local community and suggests strategies for easing back into life at home.


The Cultural Orientations Indicator® is a personal assessment which indicates an individual’s behavioral style within a cultural framework. Through this tool participants will be able to process their international experience and identify potential changes in their own style upon returning home.

Cultural Values

Cultural Value differences as they manifest themselves in the new work environment are examined.

The Expatriate Experience

A review of skill-sets gained overseas. How these new skill-sets impact reintegration. Leveraging Your Experience Strategizing for ways to utilize newly-learned skills and revise career goals.

Re-entry adjustment

This module provides an opportunity for the expatriate and spouse to discuss personal and family readjustment issues. Together with the consultant, participants will devise strategies and develop a personal action plan for successful repatriation.

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